The Perfect Magician for your Event


Dan Boyles specialises in creating memories for you and your guests that you will both never forget. Having performed at over 200 events in 11 countries in the last 12 months, you are booking someone who dedicates their entire life to find ways to create beautiful moments with other people. This is why his clients such as Adidas, UEFA Champions League, Microsoft and the British Army hire him to travel the world and entertain their guests at any event with a modern day blend of Mind Reading, Technology Magic and Close Up sleight of hand.

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Dan is a proud member of the Magic Circle, one of the most exclusive magic societies in the world. With only around 1,500 members worldwide, Dan proudly represents the highest standard of Magic at any event he works at.

The Magic Circle's main focus is dedicated to furthering the art of Magic and welcomes only those with the highest abilities into the society. Members include Dynamo, Derren Brown, the late Paul Daniel's and Richard Jones to name a few. To find out more about the Magic Circle please click here

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All photography provided by Jason Brown Photography